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One-Hour Speed Paint

This week’s art challenge was to draw something based on a song.  While I’m not remotely religious, I really love this version of “I’ll Fly Away” (Goodbye, Babylon) for its kooky strings and petticoat choir, so I drew a little something based on that song.  

I’d like to finesse the background a bit, but I also wanted to keep this one under an hour.  …I think it clocked at about 1:20, but I’ll take it.

Painted, as always, with Kyle’s.

George’s Beer is my favorite client.

Not just because they’re my friends, but also because they pay me in beer.  …Wait.  Scratch that, reverse it.

Next Saturday, September 28, we will all be at New Orleans On Tap, which benefits our local SPCA.  You should really check out this article, especially because George’s Beer gets a great shout out.  (Real Treat above is the label for their keg o’ DOG BEER.  How great are these guys?)

This year, even four-legged festival-goers can get a taste of the fun with a dog-friendly beer by George’s Brewing Co. The local homebrewery is named after the owners’ rescue dog.

So proud!

If you have a pup, or if you just like beer, please stop by and say hello.  This year, some friends and I will be pitching in to help at George’s table.

PS, They let me name another beer, “Violet Brewregard.”  THANK YOU FOR BEER HUGS, DUG & JULIA.


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